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Dr. Axe explains, in the below video, the cause and natural treatment for Lupus.

He says that Lupus is an autoimmune condition in which the body's immune system is attacking itself. Autoimmune conditions almost always result from a leaky gut. Leaky Gut Syndrome is a fairly common disorder in which the gut has become compromised either by diet - high carbohydrate and processed foods, or/and by toxins from such things as in the food we eat, from the treated water we drink, amalgam fillings, in the air we breath, etc. 


Some people, with a strong immune system, can cope with the leaky gut condition with few symptoms, whereas others, with a more compromised immune system, can experience serious adverse effects and develop conditions including Asthma, MS etc. Still others can develop extreme autoimmune conditions such as Lupus. Note that this is just a label assigned by the medical community, it is still simply an autoimmune condition, although a very intense and pervasive one.


Besides a compromised immune system, our genes are a contributing factor, however just because we have genes that are susceptible to the  formation of Lupus does not mean that it will develop. Only under a compromised immune system will the Lupus form of autoimmunity express itself. 

Dr. Axe's treatment is a combination of supplements and diet.

Dr Axe's supplements include:

1) D3 - 10,000 IU

2) Collagen protein powder ( I prefer the food derived form whenever possible. In this case I would suggest using organic Bone Broth to make soups and stews).

         Foods That Boost Collagen:

      Leafy Greens and Citrus -

       Vitamin C plays a major role in collagen synthesis, and foods like leafy greens, citrus fruits (plus broccoli and red                     peppers!) are filled with it. Vitamin C also acts as an antioxidant, so you get the added benefit of protecting your

       skin from free radical damage.

3) Frankincense essential oil

4) Boost stomach acid - Betaine HCL, or apple cider vinegar diluted with water.

5) Digestive enzymes 

6) Probiotics - (Again I recommend the natural form found in foods such as sauerkraut and other fermented vegetables).

I would add:

Vitamin C powder - antioxidant (1 teaspoon per day (5 gms))

Magnesium Citrate powder - for bone, muscle and heart health (1 teaspoon per day (5 gms))

Lugols Iodine (or similar) for overall health  (2 drops per day).

 Dr Axe's diet includes:

1) Bone broth/Chicken broth

2)  Vegetables

3) Wild Salmon

4) Berries

5) Goats mild yogurt

 Dr. Axe's foods to avoid:

1) Gluten

2) Processed foods

3) Vegetable oils (Canola, safflour, sunflower, cottonseed, corn oil).

I would add to avoid:

dairy (cows milk and cheese),

excess meat,

simple carbohydrates such as cookies, sugar products, cakes, orange juice, sport drinks, soda, etc.

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