No need to lockdown the entire world for something that is a naturally occurring process 

Did you know that viruses are the health agent and not the health villain. The health issue is damaged/toxic cells that need to be flushed out of the system. The body creates exosomes (viruses) that it uses to do this. Exosomes (viruses) are expressed by our damaged cells and are used to rid the cell of toxic particles and, in the process, sends out copies of itself to signal other cells of a toxicity present.

We have countless exosome varieties coded in our DNA, waiting to be expressed in the event that the cell becomes damaged and needs destroying before it becomes cancerous. The problem comes when we have too much toxicity in our body, such as when we are bombarded with EMF radiation for instance, or chemicals from pesticides, food additives, medications, etc, or when our immune system is compromised and has trouble eliminating the toxicity through its normal means, as when we have serious health issues.


 The immune system response can become quite aggressive when there is a large amount of damaged cells to deal with, which can cause the vulnerable lung epithelial cell lining to be attacked, collateral damage, which can precipitate flu-like symptoms ie coughing, trouble breathing, fluid leaking into the lungs, etc.  Lung cells are vulnerable because they are exposed to the outside environment, including air pollutants, the colder temperatures in the winter, etc.

Exosomes (viruses) are actually non-living material that contain rna when they are made by our cells in order to replicate themselves.

Exosome particles that we come into contact with in the environment are broken down by the stomach acid and/or displelled by the mucus in our lungs and thus never reach the cell. Our immune system dispells most foreign particles, eg dust. It's only when we have large quantities of very small foreign particles eg asbestos, that problems can occur.

Social distancing and masks have no effect on exosome transmission, since our immune system can easily deal with these small amounts of particles that may be floating in the air.  Besides, the purpose of exosomes are to break-up damaged cells, not healthy cells.

'Pandemics' only occur when large populations are exposed to extreme toxic exposure, such as in medieval times when extensive use of coal was used and thus the prevalence of toxic coal-dust, combined with poor sanitation, poor medical knowledge, and unhealthy excess consumption of meat products leading up to the so-called 'Black plague'; or in 1918 when large amounts of emf toxicity was prevalent due to extensive unregulated electricity and radio transmission tower installations, maybe combined with the extensive rollout of vaccines administered after WWI  prior to the so-called 'Spanish flu', that excess detox problems occur.

This 'covid episode' is just another flu outbreak (normal body detox). We experience flu symptoms when the body's normal ongoing detox activity becomes excessive. Why do we see flu outbreaks in the winter? This is the time when our immune system is typically at it's weakest due to lack of vitamin D (sun exposure) and when we are usually less active, and this is a signal to our body that it is a good time to undergo a detox.

It’s only the very weak and sick (typically older people) that die from extreme flu symptoms, and this is exasperated by underlying health issues. This happens when the very sick fall victim to the body's excessive detoxifying process. No need to lockdown the entire world for something that is a naturally occurring process.  In order to avoid getting the flu, ie excessive detox episodes, just make sure your immune system is healthy and avoid excess toxicity.

See Aajonus Vonderplanitz and Dr Andrew Kaufman (below) on youtube, and read ‘The Invisible Rainbow’.