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Natural Treatment for Cancer

Charlotte Gerson describes the incredible success of the Gerson Therapy for curing cancer.

She explains that cancer develops when the immune system has been degraded by toxins, and poor diet and lifestyle.

The way to reverse cancer, then, is to remove the toxins that have built-up in the body, and replenish the nutrients that our body needs to rebuild the immune system. 

Removing toxins is a process called Detoxification. This can be accomplished in many ways. Gerson recommends coffee enemas which effectively pull the toxins from the liver and blood into the bile where it is excreted. First the toxins have to be extracted from our cells in a process called chelation. There are many methods of chelation including consuming sulphur-rich foods, such as cruciferous vegetables or taking MSM supplements, or digesting charcoal tablets etc.


The sulphur compounds attach to toxins and draw them out of cells and which are then deposited  into the blood where they can be extracted by the liver, ready for excretion. The coffee enema facilitates the excretion of the built-up toxins thus accumulated in the liver into the bile. Another method of facilitating the removal of the accumulated toxins in the liver is by sweating it out with saunas, strenuous exercise etc.

She then insists that  a plant-based diet be followed to increase the fiber content, and increase the nutrient levels in our body. Also to decrease the sugar and simple carb intake, ie processed grains, fruit juice, high glycemic foods, also reduce animal protein and dairy. 

She stresses the importance of restricting salt consumption, being sure to get plenty of vitamin D through sun exposure or supplements, and using clean, filtered water.

Once the immune system is repaired it can then start destroying the cancer cells.

It is my opinion that a Ketogenic diet compliments the Gerson therapy.

Dr Ken Berry explains how the Ketogenic diet fights cancer.

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