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Atherosclerosis and Heart Disease

Atherosclerosis and Heart Disease


Michael Klaper explains the cause and natural cure for Atherosclerosis. Minute 8:40.


He explains that artery walls are damaged by toxic insults such as cigarette smoke, oxidized animal proteins, animal and vegetable fats, free radicals from fried foods, stress hormones, free radicals from glycated sugar, etc. He says that these injure the endothelium lining of the blood vessels, and also oxidizes ldl cholesterol. The oxidized cholesterol then enters the damaged vessel walls and causes inflammation. Plaque is then deposited onto the inflammed area as a band-aid in an effort to seal off the damage.​


As Michael Klaper states, the human body is perfectly capable of repairing itself. You are constantly growing new endothelial lining cells. The bone marrow is constantly putting out showers of stem cells that re-upholster the vessel linings. The body wants to heal and the plaques will regress but you have to stop the ongoing injury. 


This means stop consuming excess animal protein and sugars, stop producing stress hormones, and continue to exercise, etc. If you can do that and consume a whole food, plant based diet, e.g. the Ketogenic diet, then your linings will eventually repair themselves and the plaque will disappear.

Barbara O'neill explains how calcium deposits contribute to atherosclerosis due to over-acidity of the blood (minute 13) and what causes over-acidity (minute 8)

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